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Ideal Beach Condos

The History of Ideal Beach


The Marina

The Ideal Beach Resort MarinaThe Ideal Beach Resort marina, as it stands today, was built in the 1960's. The marina launched hundreds of boats and, with gas only 50 cents a can, people from all over Utah came to have their own water adventure.

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The Roller Rink

The Roller RinkMany who frequented Ideal Beach Resort in the 70's and 80's will fondly remember the roller rink that was housed in the octogan building at the center of the resort. Every once in a while this skating rink would transfrom into a dance hall for dances sponsored by the resort. 

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The Cabins

The CabinsGuests who have been staying at the resort for over 50 years fondly recalled the cabins. Granted there was no running water or electricity, but their entire family, and extended families, would pack themselves into these one room cabins and children would roll out sleeping bags to sleep out under the stars. 

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The Cafe

The CafeThe cafe was not only a place to eat, but was a central hub and hang out for those on the resort. It had a full service restaurant, pay phone, and what was sure to be the latest small town gossip.


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